My father was born on the neighboring island of Saba in Hope Cottage, thus the villa’s name although it can hardly be described as a cottage despite its having just one bedroom. I thought that it would be nice to have access to a vacation home readily accessible to New England, Eastern Canada, England and France. Now that I am retired, we try to take two annual vacations in Hope Cottage, six weeks in the summer and six weeks before Sint Maarten’s High Season.


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I was born in the UK and married John in 1973. We designed Hope Cottage as a vacation getaway readily accessible from the south of France where my daughter lives. Now that we are retired, I love our visits to Hope Cottage, during the summer when I get to spend quality time with my daughter and in the autumn when I can entertain our Dutch friends with an American Thanksgiving dinner for twelve…not bad for a microwave/convection oven.


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I was born in the south of France and live just south of Grasse, famed for its perfumes with my two children, Lloyd and Lula, also born in France. I really look forward to my annual visit with my family in Hope Cottage especially with my new bathroom, which is really cool. Summer is so nice on the island.


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During the last two weeks of July, most of August and November and the first two weeks of December, we are usually at home at Hope Cottage

5, Sundial Road Oyster Pond, Sint Maarten

(721) 543-6118

Please Feel free to contact us
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