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    About Us


    Golfe Car Rental was born in 1998

    The manager Mr POLLIN wanted to bring his professionalism that he gained with his great experience in tourism sector to the rental business industry.
    Golfe Car Rental own more than 200 vehicles.
    Due of its quality of service, Golfe Car Rental has been able to keep its reputation of 100% satisfaction.

    • Affordable Assurance Plan
    • Airport Pick Up
    • Enterprise Offer
    • Fidelity Program
    • Utility Vehicles


    Golfe Car Rental and The Environment

    In a continuous effort to respect the environment, Golfe Car Rental has implemented a water recovery system.

    Recycled water from rain can be used to wash Golfe Car Rental cars.Golfe Car Rental uses organic products for the maintenance of vehicles.The future or Golfe Car Rental cars is to save energy by using the power of solar energy (photovoltaic panel).

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