Discover untouched nature in our Quill and Boven National Park



$10 per person valid for one calendar year and gives access to all trails.

Children under the age of 8 are free


Guided Hike

Minimum group of 4 at a cost of 100$ → “25$ per person with a group minimum of 4 persons, this includes a guide and trail tag”.

Please book at least a day in advance.
Proceeds go towards trail maintenance and staffing in the national parks.


Where to buy

STENAPA office, dive centres, hotels, airport, or


Venture into the crater of the Quill, a dormant volcano.

Take a break at the base of one of the tallest trees in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Overlook two oceans at the top of Boven Mountain. Discover untouched nature in our two national parks.

Within two miles of each other, the Quill and Boven National Parks offer

17 trails through semi-tropical rainforest, cactus lined valleys and up

St Eustatius’s peaks.

Peace and quiet awaits.

It’s a good idea to….

  1. Fix perso to person and take at least 1,5 litre of water per perso
  2. Wear sturdy shoes with a substantial grip
  3. Avoid hiking at the warmest part of the day, between 11am-3pm
  4. Wear sun protection
  5. Take a map or guide
  6. Please do not swim at Venus Bay as there are strong rip currents

Leave nothing but footprints

  1. Do not litter
  2. Stay on the trails
  3. No campfires
  4. Do not take any plants or animals.

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